I am a freshman in University in China.  I take great interest in reading foreign literature.  By saying reading foreign literature, I mean to read in English instead of in Chinese editions when in high school.  I feel like I am a tiny peck hiding under the sea, for there are countless grand masterpieces for me to read, to reread, to reflect on.  I cannot regret more that I am not a person who has the superpower to live longer and so I can read more.  I tend to write something as reflection after reading these fictions or non-fictions, and I find myself this good place to upload my thoughts here.  Someone who are interested in what I write about can also add your comments and thoughts here, you are welcome to share your thoughts here. 

I have already read though not a lot works of many famous writers, including Vladimir Nabokov’s Good Readers and Good Writers, Michael Chabon’s Kids’ Stuff, Angela Carter’s The Snow Child and The Werewolf, Ursula Le Guin’s The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas, George Orwell’s Shooting An Elephant, Political and English Languages and Stephen King’s On writing and Why We Crave Horror Movies, etc, etc.  And I have written some reflections about this.  I do not quite understand some of the materials I read before I had several conversations with my instructor, and there remain some of my confusions about them.  I hope someone can argue with me or teach the deep meaning of the certain words or sentences, because some of them may need a reader’s mythos(a person’s cultural belief of his country) to become fully understood.