Words by Nicole Froio.


Jabs against feminists more often than not include the ‘this is why you are single factor’ (although ‘are you on your period?’ is also a common one), as if having opinions and a voice are instantly repelling to all men. In turn, many radical feminists consider marriage un-feminist since it used to be a form of ownership and oppression.

Marriage wasn’t always an expression of love; it used to be a pretty blatant expression of power, where women were obliged to be subservient, silent, sexually compliant and anything else her husband wanted her to be. But modern marriage, though still attached to stigma, is different.

Though previous generation couples still adhere to the traditional stay-at-home-mother and worker father because of the societal pressures at the time they got married, younger couples now have less of an obligation to get married. They have a clear choice. And this is why getting…

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