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Here is a wonderful scientific film came out not long ago this winter called “Her”, which starred Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara and Scarlett Johansson (the sexy voice in the film).  Honestly, I haven’t watched the film yet because it’s not available now.  Instead, I only watched the movie trailer, and I think it’s worthwhile for you to enjoy.  This is one of best movies at the end of the year 2013 involved with the swift development of technology and artificial intelligence. 

The film mainly discusses the complex relationship between the protagonist of the film—a lonely passive man who lives on with writing love letters for others with his virtue girlfriend called Samantha—a talking operation system purchased online (an artificial intelligence developed in the future). 

It presents a possible tendency of the developmental artificial intelligence, pointing out that unfeeling machine’s cognition can reach a stage where it can perceive human being’s feelings and emotions through a string of programming language and complex but constant algorithms.  The machine is so powerful and humanized that it can feel what the customer feels without the slightest efforts and it even takes the place of another person to function as comforts, as stimulation, as companionships. 

It hits me that I to some extent form this unique but a bit peculiar relation with my own cellphone, which can be categorized into smartphones yet not as advanced as Iphone or Samsung.  At the very beginning I wasn’t quite used to the existence of it because it is big and it brings me nothing other than inconvenience.  I have to take it when I go to and from class because I have to contact classmates, I have to carry it with me all the time because I have to wait for the messages other express companies send me reminding me that the books I ordered online have arrived.  Gradually, I found myself being not able to leave my cellphone aside, and my action began to be related with my phone from time to time.  I keep unlocking my cellphone for almost like thousands of times a day to check whether somebody has called and I didn’t hear it at the moment, I use the sound recorder in my cellphone to record what my instructor has said during class so I can revise the important tips after class, I even carry my cellphone and check the messages and email when I go to the canteen so that I don’t have to behave like idle and boring when I stand in a queue.  I cannot help noticing the changes happened on me, a conservative and unreconstructed girl would be incurably attached to an insignificant machine, neither can I figure out what kind of magic the machine has conjured upon me however hard I think.  After searching it online, here is the truth I found, which is that the cellphone’s designer made it so.  He designed the phone based on what he think is the most exact to what people need and think, he was trying to impose the human quality into the cellphone by personifying it.  How cunning he is to let a small machine to steal my energy and attention, to tend my gaze, to conquer my attention in such a casual way.  And the future OS operation system is just like this small smartphone, alienating the distances between human beings and blurring the distance between human beings and lifeless machines.

Anyway, Her is a wonderful movie that you don’t want to miss, and I strongly recommend you to watch it not because it can evoke your sympathy of the pathetic tendency of human development and the cheering news that there are countless magical technology things waiting out there for us to observe, explore and if possible, enjoy.