During class each student was assigned to introduce an article one previously picked up from various magazines in the library. A classmate proposed a lecture-like article produced by Will Wheaton, an American actor starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stand by Me. For me, I knew him from the American TV drama The Big Bang Theory. The student proposed the article as an impetus to inspire ordinary people who are not perceived as nerds, and the teacher scented that and then emphasized on the specific function of the article, which is targeted at nerds, then expressed that she was sorry that nerds’ adolescent years are really hard, mixed with discrimination from peers and bullies from swashbucklers, then she gave me a deep sympathetic look that can stab deep down through my bowel to my mental heart, which denotes that I am one of those who deserve others’ sympathy, as if saying, “Lotus must be hard in her high school years.” To this I made no comment, but I appreciated for the sympathy expressed, for I did suffered a lot from the complicated human relationships a lot since I was in elementary school. I felt sorry that I didn’t live as people expected me to, to be normal like other girls, which means wearing long hair, pretty princess dress, and acting like one. I used to wear a colored glass to look at myself with others’ criteria, then I changed conversely to adopt the opposite criteria to behave like a tomboy as a way to rebel others’ repression, now I believe in whatever I want to be. I step totally outside of what people think of mean and convince myself that whatever I want to behave with, as long as it’s legal, is ok. The attitude I adopted claims to be neutral. I recently read an article posting opinions upon the issue that a black young actor named Lupita Nyong who has been awarded Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, saying that it is such a radically newsworthy issue for black woman who were once prohibited to participate in the beauty contests are now publicly elected by the “beauty” authority, that black women no longer endure the criteria of beauty fixed by white people. Nyong has her own unique beauty, with very short hair, flat chest and dark skin. She’s the most beautiful of the beautiful because of her characteristic of being a beautiful black woman. This makes me think that I have no obligation to fit in rules fixed by “white people” around me, but only be patient to discover my own beauty and value. I did experience tough life during my earlier school, but not because of being nerd. I guess I only have this different aesthetic and perception from other students that distinguished me from being what was conceived to be ordinary. In terms of this, I was same with the nerds.

However, recalling my high school years, surprisingly there left little painful memories, instead, I scented sweetness and uneasy relaxation brought by studious state and above average grade. I understand what it feels like to be not understood by my peers, and I knew the process of sticking to oneself with no outlet. I am glad that I ever endure such a specific period in my life, and I am still not sorry for being different. I found lot of things in common in Wil’s speech, not as a nerd, but as a person who was treated with slight unfairness and general narrow views. So next let’s read what Wil said at the comicon.

My name is Wil Wheaton—and I am a nerd. It’s awesome to be a nerd.

I don’t know what the world is going to be like by the time you understand this. I don’t know what it’s going to mean to be a nerd when you are a young woman. For me, when I was growing up, being a nerd meant that I liked things that were a little weird, that took a lot of effort to appreciate and understand. It meant that I loved science, playing board games, reading books, and really understating what went on in the world instead of just riding the planet through space.

When I was a little boy, people really teased me about that and made me feel like there was something wrong with me for loving those things. Now that I’m an adult, I’m a professional nerd, and the world has changed. I think we have realized that being a nerd is not about what you love but about how you love.

So there’s going to be a thing in your life that you love. I don’t know what it’s going to be. It might be sports or science or reading or telling stories—it doesn’t matter what it is. The way you love that thing and how you find other people who love it the way you do is what makes being a nerd awesome. Some of us love Game of Thrones, while others love Star Trek or Star Wars. But we all love those things so much that we travel thousands of miles—which is probably easy for you, but we’re still using fossil fuels, so it’s difficult—to be around people who love the things that we love the way that we love them. That’s why being a nerd is awesome.

Don’t let anyone tell you that the thing that you love is a thing that you can’t love. Don’t let anyone ever tell you, “You can’t love that. That’s for boys.” You find the things that you love, and you love them the most that you can.

And listen, this is really important: I want you to be honest, honorable, and kind, I want you to work hard because everything worth doing is hard. I want you to be awesome, and I will do my very best to leave you a planet that you can still live on.

Have a great life.