About me

I am a student in Wenzhou-Kean University since 2013, and I like reading literature very much.  Here I will write reflection on the foreign literature I read and share with you my thoughts.  Also I posted some of my own works here. I hope you can share your personal thoughts with me and maybe solve some of my confusions among the materials I read because of my lack of mythos(a person’s cultural belief.  Since I am not a civic in the United States, I sometimes fail to understand certain words and phrases in the texts I covered).  I find some essays very difficult to understand and I think that’s why I was convinced by Vladimir Nabokov had to say, that the real reader is a rereader.  I tend to read the same essay over and again, and after a period of time I read them again, just in case I can grasp some new discoveries among the lines.  The things I write here may not be professional or insightful enough, but I hope I can gradually improve myself as time goes by. 

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